Saturday, August 11, 2007

On My Works


In my works I want to reveal the inner dephts of my subjective world as well as today’s social cultural and political geography we live in. The codes I have been using in my works are interpretations about both my own universe as well as the outer world. But sometimes, materials, which I use, may also be more complex than metaphorical meanings in the work itself. Because of the excessive style, disclosing itself excessively and questioning similar problems and creating same answers in viewers’s mind, I think that it caries some risks. Since the signs in the works of art have not always the purpose of giving a message, is in the sign language ond traffic symbols, they can not be described in a certain way and neither be clissified nor be understood easily due to their nature. Consequently, signs in my works have specific autonomy. Also my themes such as identity, migration, dilemma of birth-death, alienation, loneliness, economic crises, famine, wars, cultural differences etc, have been accepted as common themes of contemporary art especially during the period of globalisation. These create different relationships of form and content in our imagination.

I am not in favor of mannerism. Just for the sake of not destroy the mannerism, I think the extreme dependence upon a very specified area may harm the diversity of the language of expression. Hence I prefer to walk around in a wider area of expression such as installation, painting and photography.

I think while I walk down the street and often try to ponder and create simply by looking at my surroundings. I belive that concepts will emerge from life.

I do not have a studio. A studio, for me, consits of photo shophs, photocopy centers look for, streets, old bazaars, junk dealers, furniture shops, grains and fabrics, foundries and the the city itself in which I am living now. I stroll through and theese places keep the necessaries object that I will be able to express myself intimately. Every matireal has a specific memory. In a daily life all of us live with them and we smell and touch them under any circumtances. In this context there are some aspects which excites me about the locations of the materials I search as well as in the differences of the materials I use in my works. When two different objects come together two different memories are being juxtaposed and this is a prerequisite in order to constitute a methaphor. That’s why, criticizing on the certain phonemenon and creating the meaning varieties on it has close relationship with the nature of the objects that are presented together.

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