Wednesday, June 15, 2011

OpenArt Biennale 2011: Örebro-Sweeden

OpenART 2011

11 June- 11 September

Örebro Konsthall

Olaigatan 17 B

019-21 49 00 - SWEEDEN

For further info:

After two successfully completed OpenART exhibitions, in the summers of 2008 and 2009, we’re now conducting a third. Örebro OpenART is an outdoor exhibition that changes the cityscape, allowing Örebro to really live up to the epithet “Sweden’s ART:iest city”.

The city centre will be filled with exhibits from the summer’s biggest art event from 11 June until 11 September. Some 50 or more artists from all around the world will show their works for 100 days. The city’s summer visitors will experience art where they least expect it; right in the middle of one of Sweden’s most beautiful city centres.

The goal of OpenART is to stage unconventional and creative encounters with art that has taken a step outside into the public arena in order to meet a wider audience. Just by daring to break those ingrained beliefs about how art should be experienced, we are creating a whole new arena for art - Örebro OpenART. Our beautiful city centre is in the process of developing into one of the most exciting temporary art venues in the country. Familiar environments will suddenly offer surprising experiences, ones that can affect your emotions, arouse your curiosity, and give you food for thought.

OpenART would like to:

- Put Örebro on the Swedish culture map with one of the hottest contemporary art events in the country.
- Offer encounters with art that are both different and exciting.
- Develop a unique cultural event, recognised both nationally and internationally, that enhances Örebro in terms of hospitality and amenities.

OpenART is run for the Municipality of Örebro by the art gallery Örebro Konsthall, and is put into practice in collaboration with the Regional Development Council in Örebro, the Adolf Lindgren Foundation, and several local businesses.

Artists invited and venues

Örebro Konsthall

Multitude: Contemporary Art From Mexico

Pilar Villela / Katya Brailowsky / Marcela Armas / Franciso Taka Fernandez / Edgar Orlaineta / Raul Ortega Ayala / Ricardo Alzati / Claudia Perez Pavon / Ana Roldan / Jesus Leon / Karima Muyaes

Runt Slottet:

Juan Milanes Benito – Fefe Talavera / Göran Hägg / Peter Johansson-Barbo Wrestling / Terhi Kaakinen / Florentijn Hofman / Jonas Livröd / Pekka Kauhanen


Gesine Grundmann / Göran Hägg / Johan Paalzow / Armalia Årfelt / David Lozano / Pasi Karjula / Hana Beling / Gesine Grundman / Marco Cueva / Mats Åberg

Oscar C-Galleria:

Natalie Sutinen / Kristina Müntzing /


Maria Bajt / Roland Persson / Radoslaw Gryta / Juan Milanes Benito


Liv Pennington / Kale Brolin-Rita Winde / Frerdik Västergård / Ferhat Özgür / Jonas Nilsson / Eva Olsson / Radmila Knesevic / Lemeh42 / Dan-Dryer / Johan Svensson /


Peter Zacsko / Ulf Lernhammar / Esperanza Gallindo / Susana Hesselberg-Anna Strand / Glimpse / Fefe Talavera / Marja Kanervo / Maria Bajt