Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Me & I:Self Portraits from the Collection"/ Museum der Moderne Salzburg: 1-3 / 1-7 - 2012

Me & I:Self Portraits from the Collection"

Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Mönchsberg, Ebene 3

curators: Christina Penetsdorfer and Veit Ziegelmaier

1.3. – 1.7. 2012

In conjunction with the exhibition “Selves“ ofworks by Dieter Roth the Museum der Moderne Salzburg presents insights into the artist‘s selfportraits from the museum‘s own collection.

Reflective surfaces and the invention of photography have enabled people to see themselves. They allow a reflection in the truest sense of the word. Selfportraits have always had a strong appeal for artists, who use their pictorial language to depict themselves as persons or to reflect on their own selves. Selfportraits deal not only with the concept of similarity, but especially in contemporary art also with metaphorical I-statements, trying to get to the bottom of the artist‘s identity and feelings in a symbolic or abstract manner.

Some artists also reflect on their own self-positioning in life in their works. Self-observation is frequently linked to self-obsession or may even lead to self-infatuation or self-destruction. In many cases artists also try to define their own identity and position in the context of the long tradition of art history. In the course of the performative process artists can also distance themselves from their own personalities, as they become actors identifying themselves with the roles they assume.

Artists featured in the exhibition include Günter Brus, G.R.A.M., Jörg Immendorff, Friedl Kubelka, Elke Krystufek, Maria Lassnig, Arnulf Rainer, Erwin Wurm and new acquisitions by Gillian Wearing and Urs Lüthi.


Herbert Bayer/ Franz Bergmüller/ Rose Brueckl / Gregor Schmoll / Günter Brus / Katrina Daschner / VALIE EXPORT / Karl Anton Fleck / Johannes Grützke / Gottfried Helnwein / Florence Henri /Marcel Houf / Jörg Immendorff / G.R.A.M. / Jürgen Klauke / Elke Krystufek / Friedl Kubelka / Maria Lassnig / Paul Albert Leitner / Branko Lenart / Urs Lüthi / Karin Mack / Michaela Moscouw / Helmut Newton / Oswald Oberhuber / Ferhat Özgür / Florentina Pakosta / Peter Pongratz / Drago J. Prelog / Arnulf Rainer / Rixdorfer Werkstatt / Dieter Roth / Robert A. Schäfer / Egon Schiele / Walter Schmögner / Curt Stenvert / Gerold Tagwerker / Otmar Thormann / TOMAK / Kosta Tonev / Herwig Turk / Gillian Wearing / Erwin Wurm

VZ/CP 30.1.12

ferhat özgür, 'the will or ten commandments', 2009, video, exhibition view from
'I and Myself: Selfportraits from the Museum Collection'
Museum der Moderne, Salzburg, 1.03.2012