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'A Decade of Commitment to Contemporary Art' / Project 4L Elgiz Contemporary Art Museum- Istanbul

"A Decade of Commitment to Contemporary Art"

Elgiz 10 Istanbul

17 September 2011 - 17 March 2012
Dr. Necmi Sönmez

Special projects:
Burak Bedenliler, Lale Delibaş, Nejat Satı, İskender Yediler

Guest artist:
Gavin Turk (U.K.)

The first museum of contemporary art in Turkey, Proje4L/Elgiz Museum is hosting Gavin Turk with Turkish artists in its 10th anniversary exhibition “Elgiz 10 Istanbul” starting on 17 September 2011.

“Elgiz 10 Istanbul” is curated by Dr. Necmi Sönmez who lives in Dusseldorf and organizes exhibitions in Europe and United States. It will be a reinterpretation of the Elgiz Collection which includes artists:

Darren Almond, Doug Aitken, Louis Bourgeois, Adnan Çoker, Ergin Çavuşoğlu, Loris Cecchini, Burhan Doğançay, Nejad Devrim, Tracey Emin, Eric Fischl, Jan Fabre, Gilbert & George, Murat Germen, Atilla Galatalı, Günter Förg, Nan Goldin, Nilbar Güreş, Gülsün Karamustafa, Barbara Kruger, Elke Krystufek, Azade Köker, Mustafa Kunt, Kurucu Koçanoğlu, Sol Lewitt, Bjarne Melgaard, Jonathan Meese, Paul Mccharty, Sarah Morris, Mateo Mate, Frank Nitsche, Abdurrahman Öztoprak, Marcus Oehlen, Ferhat Özgür, Jorge Pardo, Robert Rauschenberg, Gerhard Richter, Lisa Ruyter, Thomas Struth, Aslı Torcu, David Tremblett, Ömer Uluç, Johannes Wohnseifer, Tim White Sobiesky, İskender Yediler, Fahr-el-Nissa Zeid.

Turk will be displaying a new 2.45M Turkish 'amulet' painting, as well a wall mounted Turkish rug, “Cave Rug”. Both these works will be hung on Turks’ turkey wallpaper depicting hundreds of roasted turkeys. This will be the second time Gavin Turk has exhibited in Istanbul after his participation in the 6th Istanbul Biennial in 1999.

Other artists doing site-specific works to accompany the collection exhibition are Burak Bedenlier, Lale Delibaş, Nejat Satı and Iskender Yediler.

She mainly supports artists from her region. These activities are in the map of Istanbul Biennial that will be inaugurated in the same dates.

Proje 4L was founded by collectors Sevda and Can Elgiz under the name of “Istanbul Museum of Contemporary Art” in its former premises in Levent. The museum opened in 2001, when there were no non-profit institutions in Turkey dedicated to contemporary art.

Established with a mission to promote the development of contemporary art in Turkey, the initiave focussed on providing space, support and international visibility to projects by young Turkish artists.

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"A Decade of Commitment to Contemporary Art"

International Women Collectors

16 September 2011 (17:00 – 18:00)

Ella Fontanals Cisneros, Sandretto Re Rebaudengo,
Basma Al Sulaiman.

Michele Codoni

Women collectors have been active throughout the history. Today, they are continuing to support artists and sharing their collections with the public with a social vision.

Proje 4L/Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art explicated being a private collector and the changes in museum management in today’s world by inviting three women collectors in a panel as part of its 10th Anniversary activities. It also examined the language and the style women have developed with artists and public in a subject as sensitive as art.

Ella Fontanal Cisneros: As an American born in Cuba and raised in Venezuela she predominantly collects Latin American art. She has established Miami Art Central (MAC) in 2001 and Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO) in Miami in 2002. Apart from exhibiting the Cisneros Collection, the foundation runs a variety of programs for contemporary Latin American artists and supports the collaboration within different fields of art.

Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo: She has established a foundation bearing her name in Turin, Italy, in 1995 to support artists from all over the world in visual arts, music, performance art and literature. She introduces contemporary art to the community and improves international relations in art. She is part of various international boards of museums such as Tate, MoMa and New Museum. In addition to that she was honoured by the government of Italy and France for her support to contemporary art.

Basma Al Sulaiman: As a member of a prominent family in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Al-Sulaiman collects art from all around the world and exhibits her collection, which consists of Middle Eastern artists together with International artists (with a strong presence of Chinese artists), in an interactive revolutionary three dimensional cyber museum named BASMOCA. She is an active member of Arts Global; a foundation devoted to bring the European and Arabic worlds closer.

Moderator Michele Codoni: After his law education and his diplomatic career, he established a public relations and event organization company in London. Codoni has a close relationship with the contemporary art world and he serves in the board of directors of BASMOCA. .

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